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Monday to Friday  |  10:30am — 3:00pm


Fried chicken, Bake chicken, Mac n cheese, Collard greens and Mash Potatoes


Fried Chicken, Hamburger Steak and Sides (Cabbage, Rice, Yams, Green Beans and Cream Corn)


Fried Chicken, Meat Loaf and Sides (Collard Greens, Yellow Rice, Mac & Cheese, Black Eye Peas, and Mash Poataoes with gravy)


Fried Chicken, Smothered Pork Chops and Sides (Cabbage, Green Beans, Mash Potatoes, Yams, Cream Corn)


Grilled Barbecue Leg Quarters, Fried Chicken and Sides (Bake Beans, Mac & Cheese, Yams, and Collard Greens)

MEAT AND 3                                 $12.00

MEAT AND 2                                 $10.99

  • Comes with drink. Drink Choices: Lemonade, Tea , unsweet Tea or Water $2.00 and Water $1.00 (needs to be on there if purchased separately)
  • Dessert Options:
    • Almond Butter Pound Cake               $2.25
    • Red Velvet                                       $2.25
    • Sweet Potato Pie                              $2.25
    • Banana Pudding                              $2.25