Restaurant Menu


Soul Breakfast Platter $14.00

Grits. 2 Eggs. Toast

Waffle or Pancake

Choice of Bacon, Sausage, or Ham


Shrimp and Grits Bowl $10.00

Steak and Eggs (T-Bone) with Toast $15.00

Breakfast Power Bowl $9.00

Choose Protein Smoke Sausage or Turkey Sausage

Choose Veggies: Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, or Spinach

Add bacon for $1.00


Sausage & Biscuit with Hashbrowns $5.00

Blueberry Maple Sausage & Biscuit with Hashbrowns $5.00

Biscuits and County Gravy $8.00

Chicken and Waffles $13.00

Breakfast Bologna and Cheese Sandwich with Hashbrowns $8.00

Salmon Croquettes with Grits, Eggs, and Biscuit $14.00

 Kid’s Menu  (Ages 10 and Under)

Mini Pancakes with Fruit bowl or Yogurt $8.00

Mini Soul Breakfast Platter $8.00

Grits, Eggs, Sausage and Toast

Kids Cereal Bowl Frosted Flakes, Pops, or Froot Loops $4.00


Orange Juice Small $2.50 Large $3.50 (NO FREE REFILLS)

Milk $2.50 (NO FREE REFILLS)

Tea & (unsweet) $3.00

Water $1.00

Coffee $2.00


Bowl of Oatmeal $3.00

Bowl of Grits $3.00 (add cheese for .50)

Sausage $1.50

Bacon $2.00 (two slices)

Ham $3.00

Toast $1.00