Prattville chef Nieves Anderson is 'Santa’s special elf' for 10 children this Christmas, giving...


PRATTVILLE, Ala. (WSFA) – This is not your typical elf you’ll see on Christmas.

She doesn’t make toys. Instead, she makes cakes sweet to eat.

Prattville chef Nieves Anderson has been ‘Santa’s special elf’ for 10 children this Christmas. She is giving them Christmas theme cakes also known as “snow cakes.”

Anderson came up with the idea after she made a cake for her niece.

She contacted people she knew who had younger children and starting making delivery stops with the cakes.

She says it’s her way of giving back this Christmas.

“People have been sharing it and it’s just been an amazing experience,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s recent stop was to the home of Caiden Money, but this time, she brought along Santa Claus to help.

Caiden’s mom, Lacey Dorsey, said the holidays are tough times for Caiden.

Before his adoption, he spent many holidays in foster care or abandon and alone on the streets or in drug homes.

Dorsey says for Caiden it hard to understand joy and happiness, but she says this holiday done by Anderson is a small step that will go a long way.

“This is our third Christmas and we’re so happy to have cooking with snow bless us with an amazing gift, elves are his favorite and he gets to still be a child and experience that and even though he was older it’s a really big deal to him,” Dorsey said.

“It’s a God given talent to make people smile and that’s my purpose here on earth and so that’s what I choose to do is spread joy and love around the world,” Anderson said.

Anderson says this will be a yearly tradition. She also plans of doing something similar for Easter as well.

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